You Say You Want A Revolution

Today marks the day where many Americans stood up and fought for their independence and began a revolution; without them we wouldn’t have our freedom. Let’s take this day to celebrate and remember those brave, patriotic people. ¬†Happy 4th of July!!



p.s. I’m back from London! Sorry for the long hiatus but I’ll be back with many posts about my adventures. Thanks for the patience.

The British Are Coming!

Well, in my case, the Americans are coming. Today, I leave to great ol’ Britain. My plane literally leaves in 3 hours! Eeek. I’m thrilled and excited to see all my American friends/classmates and do some studying abroad (even though I’m sure there won’t be much studying, rather more exploring). So, here we go…so you on the other side of the pond. Cheers.

You Get a Card, and You Get a Card!

So, one of the many great perks of having a birthday: the gifts. I love giving gifts and receiving them isn’t so bad, either. I was flooded with gift cards this year (hence the blog title ) and I couldn’t be happier. I got one to Whole Foods, Waterloo Record store, ¬†Book People, and the Alamo Drafthouse movie theatre! So happy, but I will say my favorite gift my far was from my sister, a book titled “Back to the Wild,” which is based on Christopher McCandless, the inspiration for Into the Wild, the book and the film. If anyone knows me, they will know I’m obsessed with everything McCandless. He is a true inspiration and a pioneer in adventuring. I also received a journal from a friend (I collect journals!). I’m a happy girl.




Reality Bites

In addition to birthday celebrations this week, we also had some graduation festivities this week. My sis and a few friends graduated from the University of Texas at Austin (my current school, go Longhorns!) and I couldn’t be more proud. Since I know my sis is not very fond of photos of herself being public, I will refrain from posting any pictures from her graduation. Instead, I will leave you with an appropriate photo that really captures the essence of being done with college.

p.s. For recent college graduates, I advise you to watch Reality Bites, a perfect film capturing the post grad life.

p.p.s Look how beautiful our school looks during graduation commencement!

The Alcalde

We Like to Party

Who could have asked for a better 22nd birthday! Dinner with friends and a smores party, yep, this is how I celebrate. Here are some pictures from that awesome night, and yes these are my friends. Deal with it.

You Say It’s Your Birthday, It’s My Birthday Too

Ha, words have never been more true. Today is actually my birthday and my sisters, as well. (Yes, we are twins, fraternal). I just want to take some time and wish my sis a happy birthday! She’s has been the greatest sis and friend I could ever ask for. She is really important to me and I hope she (and me, I guess) have many more happy birthdays ahead! And now to celebrate, me and some friends are having dinner tonight and smores partaaa-y afterwards, yeah we are cool like that. Have a great day!

p.s I love the Beatles!

Sounds Like This

Tonight, is the night. Eric Hutchinson is playing at Stubb’s music venue, here in Austin! I’ve been listening to him for a while and I finally get to catch him live. Y’all should go check out his stuff, he’s a really talented singer/songwriter. He came out with a new album recently, but I have not listened to it yet. According to a friend, it’s pretty awesome and I wouldn’t be surprised.

The Power of Vulnerability

Nothing makes me more proud, then seeing a fellow social worker speak such powerful and relevant words. I, myself, who’s a prospective social worker (I graduate in December!) found this inspiring and a great teaching experience. Just listen to Brene Brown and your life will change…TED talks are always inspiring.

Click on image for video

Click on image for video

A Day for My Mum

I just want to say happy mother’s day to my mum! And all the mum’s out there! Even though I can’t be with her physically, I just want to say what a wonderful and hard-working mom she is. Sometimes she works so hard and sometimes she needs a little break and needs lots of hugs to show how much she’s appreciated. I love you Mom!

Happy Feet

About 2 weeks ago, I had my first pedicure experience. Let me just say, I was a bit unsure and if-y about the whole thing. The idea of someone touching my bare feet, makes me a bit uncomfortable. For the sake of having “girl time,” I had to suck it up and just do it. And let me tell you, it wasn’t that bad. I may even do it again (GASP!). It was very relaxing and not at all what I was expecting. Luckily, I was with a friend who is a pro and made me feel relaxed and was cracking up jokes the whole time. So, ladies, if you’ve never had a pedicure, I say go do it! It’s the best gift you can give yourself. Here’s the results:


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